Domina (2021-) is a photographic series about a parent and their child who discovers their gender identity. The story is facilitated by the performance of various characters with the assistance of an aesthetic language developed for the series. This language incorporates symbols and techniques – such as colour, light and shadow, costume, and location – that may speak to the experiences of gender diverse communities. For instance, the artist’s performance of each character may disrupt the sense of fixed identity to favour a multifaceted conception.

Domina draws from key events in the artist’s life that concern family, gender, class, race, and Filipino heritage in Logan City, Australia. As such, the artist interacts with materials of cultural and contemporary significance that enriches and complicates the story.

Domina is currently in production and will be showcased at Logan Art Gallery from 29 July – 3 September 2022. The project has been awarded a grant for developmental purposes from the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). See Arts Queensland Home Page.


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