Domina (2021-) is a photographic series that narrates the relationship between a parent and their gender fluid child. This is primarily facilitated by depictions of the artist’s dual performance of the characters which requires photoshop editing to produce. Moreover, the relationship between the characters is complicated by themes suggested by the composition of the images and symbolic codes found in the content of the series. These factors mainly engage colour, costume, found objects, negative space, and natural light.

The series is another extension of my work involving the mutability of identities. In Domina, this is primarily depicted by the duality of the performances as they disrupt notions of fixed identity in favour of a multifaceted conception. Additionally, the biographical aspect of the series comingles with different contexts from frame to frame to highlight the capacity of identity to take on more meanings over time.

The series is divided into “acts” to speak to theatre conventions. Act I: Chicken is completed and consists of the first 6 photographs.

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