Syncretism consists of one-off video performances where dialogues are synced in a variety of ways. These contexts can form connections regarding to feelings, concepts and more. Unless otherwise stated, footage was recorded by the artist.

Monroeism II

2016 HD Video. 2 min 27 sec. Audio: self recording and David Harroway’s interview with Marilyn Monroe in 1955.

Mum, in car

2014 HD Video. 2 min 43 sec. Audio: self recording with my mother. Footage courtesy of Melissa Jenkins.


2013 HD Video. 3 min 6 sec. Audio: self recording and Georges Belmont’s interview with Marilyn Monroe in 1960.
Notes: The term ‘syncretism’ can describe how belief systems find parallels with others. For example, belief systems in Ancient Greece identified deities from foreign cultures with those of their own pantheons, merging them into amalgams. Audio source of Georges Belmont’s interview for Monroeism: Rare Marilyn Monroe interview By Georges Belmont In 1960 - YouTube