My practice illustrates the mutable quality of identity through photography, performance, costume, and assemblage. This involves the performance of personas – historical, fictional, and symbolic – in a growing range of staged and abstracted contexts. This method is informed by my lived experiences and cultural heritage. For instance, I draw from my “mestizo” identity (i.e. a person of “mixed” Filipino descent) to produce works that undermine static perceptions of identity in a postcolonial world.

Moreover, my performances often enact the same representation across various images. This can highlight the capacity of identity to take on meanings over time. This speaks to the ever-expansive quality that I find characterises identity, as expressed by history, gender, and personal relationships. As such, my practice can speak to family, social roles, and intercultural relations while exploring related themes such as authenticity, intimacy, and desire.

I am currently based in Logan City, Australia. I grew up on a chicken farm with my German father, Filipino mother, and elder sister, and often wound up in Japan as a student or otherwise. The experiences I have had from these contexts (and many others) have been formative to my work as an artist concerned with identities. In 2013, I completed a degree in Fine Arts at the Queensland University of Technology after graduating from high school in 2009. Since then, I have participated in exhibitions and causes locally and abroad. This has included the Australian Institute of Moving Image, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in South Korea, and residencies at Metro Arts in Brisbane and Shiro Oni Studio in Japan.